How to Make Tomyum Noodle Soup

Updated: May 13, 2020

Making Tomyum noodle soup seems to be difficult for home cooking, but actually very easy to make. In this article, I'm going to share recipe & how to cook Tomyum noodle to everyone.


- Rice noodle

- Tom-yum paste 2 TBSs

- water 2 cups

- ground chicken 100 g.

- BBQ pork

- Egg

- shrimp

- crushed peanut

- bean sprout

- green onion

- lime juice 1 TBS

- Fish sauce 1 TSP

- sugar 1 TSP


1. Preparing hard boiled egg.

2. Boiling hot water in 2 pots: one for steaming noodle, another one for making Tomyum broth.

3. Once water is boiled, we first steam the rice noodle into the steaming pot. Usually take about 3-5 mins to steam rice noodle.

4. Add ground chicken into Tomyum broth pot. Once ground chicken is cooked, we add shrimps in the broth as well.

5. Add 2 TBSs Tomyum paste in the broth pot, then add 1 tsp sugar, 1 tsp fish sauce, 1 tbs lime juice in the broth. Wait until the broth is boiling.

6. Put steamed rice noodle in a bowl; topped with bean sprout, crush peanut, BBQ pork, green onion, ground chicken, shrimps and boiled egg. In finally add Tomyum broth in your bowl. Finally your Tomyum noodle is ready to be served. :)

Note: if you like spicy, just add ground Thai chili in your bowl!!!

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